Stray Dogs is a Belgian duo consisting of Frederik Meulyzer (percussion, electronics)

Koenraad Ecker (cello, guitars, electronics) .

With a long‐standing musical relationship as foundation, Stray Dogs use a wide range of

live percussion, prepared acoustic & electric guitars, cello and analog synths to develop

a raw, polyrythmic and highly textural music that finds itself on the crossroads of ritual

drumming, industrial noise, dub echoes and disintegrating orchestras.

Their debut album "Intangible States" was self‐released in december 2010.

"Wasteland", their sophomore album, was released in 2013. Their most recent release "Kalkar" (2015) is an EP recorded in the imposing cooling tower of a former power station in Germany.

Stray Dogs have collaborated regularly with the Swiss video artist

Yannick Jacquet aka Legoman, a founding member of the renowned AntiVJ visual

label. They've collaborated for the audiovisual performance "Intangible States", with

which they toured in 2011‐2012, the theatre performance "Animal" (premiered

february 2012) and the installation version of "Intangible States" (may 2012).

In the past few years, Stray Dogs has performed and/or recorded at venues ranging

from freezing squats to beautiful concert halls as well as at an abandoned nuclear power

station. Highlights include Transvizualia (PL), Mapping Festival (CH), Festival Interstice (FR),

Ancienne Belgique (BE), Bourla Schouwburg (BE).

Stray Dogs have been commissioned to compose music for theatre (Walpurgis) and dance : in 2014-2015 they composed and performed at the Goteborg Opera House for a contemporary dance performance by the renownedNorwegian choreographer Ina Christel Johannesen.